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Hi, my name is Olivier Simard-Casanova, I'm an independant economist and data scientist.

When I started to learn R in 2014 during my PhD in economics, it took me literally years to get comfortable working with it. The main issue was (and still is) how the relevant information and resources were (and still are) spread all over the Internet.

With DictionR, you can access the knowledge I've accumulated since 2014 in one single place.

DictionR is a centralized repository of human made guides and snippets on R

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DictionR offers two types of resources:
- Snippets offer you quasi-ready to use chunks of R code to solve small and not-so-small tasks
- Guides help you navigate R in a more organized way
Number of resources available on DictionR
  • Snippet pages are consistent and predictable, written by (and for) a human and have links to the official documentation if you need to dive deeper
  • Every single piece of code has been tested — if not even used in production
  • For beginners and advanced R users — I use DictionR myself
  • I update existing resources and add new ones regularly
  • To help you easily learn more about R, resource pages are optimized for discoverability and serendipity

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Discover what kind of content DictionR offers with this selection of free snippets

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I launched DictionR in May 2022 and I'll need a bit of time to populate it. To thank early customers who made the jump with me, I'm offering a time-limited launch price.

  • Keep the preferred price for as long as you stay subscribed even if the price increases
  • If you cancel and decide to resubscribe, you'll be able to resubscribe based on the pricing available when you resubscribe
  • Final price will be 454$/year

DictionR is not a personalized questions/answers product. If you have specific, personalized requests related to R, feel free to contact me — I'll happily consider your inquiry.

Is DictionR too expensive for your budget? Are you interested in bulk subscription for your team? Send me an email at and I'll see what I can do.`

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Here is a portfolio of plots, maps and dashboards I created with code that is (or will soon be) available in DictionR ⤵️

The ultimate time saver for R users

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